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a Guy and Shanna Howell
Offering the very best in western hunting.
With over 30,000 acres of private land and very limited hunting, we are able to offer what few others can. Quality Hunts for Trophy Animals. We are offering only trophy hunts. We have 100% success on trophy animals. Your hunt will be catered specifically to your needs with the best quality guides in the nation. We take the time to make your hunt a success! We are located at Colony, Wyoming in the very northeast corner of the state.
Scott Haugen & His Drop Tine Buck
Making a living by hunting around the West, I’m always looking for new, exciting places that offer quality game. Center of the Nation Hunting is one such place. Be it big mule deer or trophy whitetails, numerous pronghorns or abundant Merriam’s turkey, varmints, predators and more, this is truly a special place that serious hunters will want to experience. The Howell family, and their working ranch, is contagious to be around. There’s a reason I keep coming back, and why my family has joined me here. Once you hunt here, you’ll understand why.

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Center of the Nation Hunting... offering a variety of guided hunts, with you arriving the day prior and departing the day after. Ranch home lodging with home-cooked meals are provided. You are welcome to stay with us, as opposed to driving from a motel in Belle Fourche, SD located 23 miles away. We'd love to have you.

Airport pickup available: Inquire if interested. Colony, WY is 80 miles from the Rapid City, SD Regional Airport, and the Kaycee, WY ranch is 80 miles from the Casper, WY airport.

Car rental is available in Rapid City and would allow you to drive around the Black Hills area at your leisure and see the numerous local sites: Devil's Tower (America's First National Monument) is less than an hour from Colony, WY. Mount Rushmore National Monument is one-half hour from Rapid City, and the historical city of Deadwood is 45 minutes away. Other activities you might enjoy are fishing, varmint hunting, hiking, and horseback riding.

Fishing, Horse Riding, Roping lessons, also available

Processing: There are several local meat processing and taxidermy options available. Ask for details.

What to bring: Hunting license, conservation stamps for sale locally, rifle and at least two boxes of ammunition, flashlight, knives, binoculars (optional as we have them available) at least one blaze orange garment: cap, vest, sweater or jacket, warm clothes: insulated underwear, socks, gloves, jacket, cap, boots; unscented deodorant.

Rifle hunters should zero rifles 1 '/2 inches high at 100 yards. Most guns will be accurate at 200-300 yards at this zero. Get in shape physically and anticipate experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime hunting adventure! We look forward to seeing you.

Refund Policy: See section 2.k of License Application. No license draw, death, official U.S. Military order of transfer overseas, serious illness with doctor verification.

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